Laser Hair Removal

(Unwanted Follicles)

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Spectum® is considered as the gold-standard procedure to effectively eliminate unwanted follicles permanently known as Hair Removal, without shaving or waxing ever again. Spectrum uses a State-of-the-Art Diode laser that heats the follicles, while simultaneously soothing the skin at 45° with Contact-cooling technology.

This non-invasive treatment is a game changer for women that feel self-conscious about unsightly facial hair, often irritated by razors or plucking. The laser primarily targets and destroys the protein in stem cells that produce hair regrowth, while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. This advanced engineering makes it now possible to treat individuals 2 weeks after tanning, any time of the year.

Depending on the severity, optimum results are typically achieved after 6-8 treatments, with an interval of 4 weeks apart. Laser Hair Removal is a 30-minute procedure, which is painless and safe for all skin types. This ensures individuals can immediately resume normal activities and regain their confidence.


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Before & After Results

(6-8 Treatments)